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Pioneer Elsie Fleutot exclaimed “quelle belle vue!” (“what a beautiful view”), after first laying eyes on the captivating vistas that surrounded the settlement. Fleutot, the daughter of an executive with the French-based West Canadian Collieries, would make her mark with words.

The town of Bellevue has century-old roots that, trace back to the region’s coal mining industry. Founded in 1905, Bellevue was in close proximity to a number of successful coal mines that contributed to the town’s economy.

The energy and natural resource-focused economic engine of Bellevue has been through numerous setbacks, including massive flooding and fires over the course of the town’s existence, but has displayed an admirable resiliency which continues today.

Bellevue is intertwined with neighbouring community Hillcrest, and has preserved its picturesque streets and century-old businesses.

Today more than 800 residents call Bellevue home, and the region continues to derive much of its prosperity from the energy sector.

The Bellevue Underground Mine has made the successful transition from active economic engine to robust tourist attraction – allowing visitors to the area the chance to take a trip back in time to experience life as a frontier coal miner.

Visitors can also find historical highlights by embarking on the historical walking and driving tours of Hillcrest and Bellevue.

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