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With fresh-baked goods and ever-changing daily specials, the food at Stone’s Throw Café in Blairmore is a central part of why the café is a hub for locals in Crowsnest Pass.

The walls of the café feature art from the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery, and customers might even see the Boys & Girls Club of Crowsnest Pass trundling in for an afternoon treat (freshly baked cookies come highly recommended).

Beyond the impressive menu and community art is the story of the Atkinson family. Owners Steve and Jessica Atkinson arrived in The Pass in 2003 with a dream to start a business and a family. They rolled up their sleeves, and spent their first month transforming the interior of an old jewellery store into a warm and inviting café.

Three short years later, the lease for the café was up and they decided to purchase a new (the current) location for their business along main street in Blairmore. And just to keep things interesting, they worked to make interior improvements while Jessica was seven months pregnant.

As with its previous location, a Stone’s Throw is a great success, and has gone on to become a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

Jessica and Steve have grown their family – but have remained happily operating their business in the current location.

The Atkinsons are active members of the Crowsnest community, enthusiastically participating in events, and helping to grow tourism and relocation to The Pass by warmly welcoming everyone. Anyone new to the Pass is urged to stop by the café.

Check out the Stone’s Throw Café menu online and be sure to keep up with the Atkinsons on Twitter @stonesthrowcafe, and Facebook.


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