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Photo: Sally-Ann Taylor


Raised by two avid photographers, Sally-Ann Taylor was destined to find herself behind the lens. Today, she lives in the town of Coleman, capturing memories of weddings, graduations and family portraits as a professional photographer.

Originally from the East coast, Sally-Ann found a home in Crowsnest Pass with her husband and six children. Her work and life are inspired by the beautiful backdrop of The Pass, from the warm, welcoming community to the clear light that fills the mountain valley.


You’re known for beautiful wedding photography. What do you like about shooting weddings?


Weddings are full of beautiful things – each couple spends weeks, months or even years choosing the details of their wedding. Decorations, food, colour schemes, flowers, the suit, the dress, the rings, and don’t forget the cake! I love documenting all of this! But more than the details are the emotions and organic moments that happen throughout the day; these cannot be re-created, they must be captured in THAT moment.


Your photography uses the landscape of Crowsnest Pass in such a creative way! How does the geography here inspire your photos?


Oh, this question is easy and hard at the same time! There’s no true formula for what inspires me: the way the light slides through the trees and highlights the contours of someone’s face, the way the sun rests on one part of a mountain, or the way shadows hide another. I could go on forever!
It’s a continual challenge to pick locations for sessions that accurately showcase the amazing geography! I put a lot of thought into finding the perfect location of each of my sessions, depending on the light and time of year. For my personal images, I find that they are captured when everything, from the backdrop, to the lighting, to the look on my subjects’ faces, falls into place to create something remarkable and inspiring.


Do you have any favourite places to shoot in The Pass?


I tend to gravitate west, towards sunset in the valley, to areas just past Coleman. Another one of my favourite locations is the Leitch Collieries at the east end of The Pass, especially for larger family sessions.


As well as being an accomplished photographer, you’re also a mom of six! What’s it like raising kids in Crowsnest Pass?


Raising six kids anywhere is going to present some chaotic moments and interesting challenges! We love raising our children here in The Pass. There is a real ‘small town’ feel that we enjoy, with people willing to go the extra mile to help. You get this comfortable feeling of knowing that others care for your family and are looking out for them, too. They say it takes a village, and I think we have a great one here!


What would you say to someone thinking of visiting The Pass?


I would tell them to not just THINK about it, but to DO it!

Check out Sally-Ann’s photos on her website, and her blog, or follow her on Instagram @sallyanntaylor_photographer and Facebook Sally Ann Taylor, Photographer.

Quick-fire questions

Describe The Pass in three words.
Community. Beautiful. Home.

Summer or winter?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Interior designer

Favourite childhood book?
Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Night owl

What was the last song you listened to?
Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Isreal Kamakawiwo’Ole

Favourite Crowsnest Pass memory?
I don’t have ONE particular memory that’s a favourite, but I treasure the way that all of our memories blend together to create a feeling of community, family ties and roots here in The Pass. That’s not something that everyone gets to enjoy, and it’s not something that I ever want to take for granted.

Favourite edible treat from Crowsnest Pass?
I’m in love with the Thai Peanut Sauce from the Bamboo Bistro.

Cat or dog person?


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