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Photo: Crowsnest Coffee Company


It all started with a shared passion for coffee, and a small five-pound commercial roaster.

After moving to Bushtown (a little known spot next to the Crowsnest River) sixteen years ago, Troy and Christine Misseghers started to import their own beans, and create unique coffee blends to try and share with friends. Then their friends shared with their friends, and they found themselves in business. In homage to their humble beginnings, the Misseghers named their business the Crowsnest Coffee Company.

Inspired to attend coffee school in Waterbury, Vermont and studying with Mané Alves, a former Portuguese winemaker and leading coffee expert, the Misseghers grew from self-taught coffee roasters to true coffee artisans.

The raw beans are imported from prestigious Fair Trade, organic farms from around the world. Blending flavours like caramel, chocolate, toffee, spices and wild fruit, the Misseghers transform beans from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia into coffee blends with a unique Alberta twist.

For those lucky residents in the area, or vacationing nearby, Troy will hand-deliver their sought-after coffee beans from Crowsnest Pass west to Fernie to south to Waterton.

Prefer to taste a freshly brewed cup of Crowsnest Coffee made from mountain fresh water? Restaurants in Crowsnest Pass are big supporters of the Misseghers work, and Crowsnest Coffee can be found at many of the locals’ favourite spots.

Luckily coffee lovers don’t have to trek to The Pass for a tasty cup of joe – an online store, and collection of retailers in Western Canada ensure there’s plenty to go around.

Try Bushtown, their signature blend, and be sure to keep watch for special small-batch flavours, like coffee stout, created as a collaboration with the Fernie Brewing Company. For more information on what their currently roasting, visit the Crowsnest Coffee Company website.


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