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Photo: The Artist Collective Studio


Crowsnest Pass is an excellent place to work, from investing or to starting a new local business.

Small business owners with a passion for the community can find enormous potential in Crowsnest, thanks to a network of loyal customers enthusiastic about growing commerce through local entrepreneurship. The Crowsnest community provides endless opportunities to work alongside existing organizations or to rework a small-town space independently into the next local hotspot.

Find short commute times a work-life balance, alongside community investment incentives and municipal partnership opportunities.

The Pass offers geographic flexibility to businesses, as the municipality is less than a few hours away from an international airport, the US border, and British Columbia.

There are great tax incentives available as well. Find information about developments, permitting, business licensing, tenders and request for proposals on the Municipality website to find all you need to know about working in The Pass.


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