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Start July 16, 2021 7:00 p.m.
End July 18, 2021 5:00 p.m.

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Welcome to their bike and hike version of the mystery weekend backpacking trip. They explore hidden gems in the South Canadian Rockies, high and low, and around every corner and they want to share this with you. They have a policy where they don't share certain locations online in order to help protect them. They love connecting people to the outdoors, but they also want to make sure these special places don't become overrun and abused. So, they keep it on the down low and they ask you to do the same. They change up the location of their trips often and they have no shortage of incredible places to adventure to. This is your chance to get away and truly experience the mountains off-the-beaten-path where the perfect mystery awaits. Visit the website for more details.

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