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Crowsnest Museum & Archives

Museum & Historic Site

The Crowsnest Museum and Archives highlight the daily lives of Crowsnest Pass and its people, celebrating both the triumph and tragedy of the area, from rum-running to tragic explosions. The museum encourages visitors to learn about the unique industrial history, exciting criminal ties, and explore the unforgettable landscape of the region. Adventure into Alberta's Past. The Crowsnest Museum and Archives boasts of a collection of over nearly 100,000 extensive artifacts and archival materials and has a large repository of approximately 60,000 images in its collection. Due to limited storage, the Crowsnest Museum operates as an open-storage or “visible storage” museum, where the majority of the artifacts are on display to the public at all times. The museum is located in the downtown Coleman National Historic Site of Canada and resides in the original Coleman High School, built in 1936.

7701 18th Ave
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
T0K 0M0


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