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Getaway Mode

You love to get away, even for a weekend. Your Instagram feed doubles as a personal travel blog and you always have a suitcase packed ‘just in case’. You can usually be found skiing the slopes, indulging in great cuisine, or browsing local art galleries.

Experience recommendations:

  • Steep Peak Kombucha
  • Pass Powderkeg Ski Area
  • Launstein Imagery Wildlife Art Gallery
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You’re always looking for something unique to try. You rarely eat at the same restaurant twice and your home is full of artisan crafts and local art. Your getaways always include an outdoor excursion, and you have an entire Pinterest feed dedicated to cozy cabin vibes.

Experience recommendations:

  • Limber Pine Smokehouse & Taberna
  • Uplift Adventures Inc.
  • Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery
  • SpringBreak Flower Farm B&B
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History Buff

Learning about history is what drives you. You find it hard to pass by an antique shop without going in, and you always have a nonfiction book on the go. Your travel bucket list includes the Louvre, and your vacations always include a visit to the local museum.

Experience recommendations:

  • Crowsnest Cafe and Flyshop
  • Frank Slide Interpretive Centre
  • Crowsnest Museum & Archives
  • The Rumrunner
  • York Creek Bed and Breakfast
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Peak Adventure

Adventure feeds your soul, and you are always on the lookout for the next mountain to climb or rapids to conquer. You always have a pair of hiking boots within reach and your friends may have called you an adrenaline junky on more than one occasion.

Experience recommendations:

  • Stone's Throw Cafe
  • spry
  • Adanac Adventures
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