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Pioneer Elsie Fleutot exclaimed “quelle belle vue!” (“what a beautiful view”), after first laying eyes on the captivating vistas that surrounded the settlement. Fleutot, the daughter of an executive with the French-based West Canadian Collieries, would make her mark with words.

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As one of the major commercial centres of the Crowsnest Pass, Blairmore is located near the Crowsnest Formation – a unique geological configuration with unusual minerals.

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Attracting workers and residents during the coal industry boom in Crowsnest Pass, the town site of Coleman established in 1903. Founded by mine owner A.C. Flumerfelt, the town is the namesake of the mine owner’s daughter Norma Coleman Flumerfelt.

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Connected to the rest of the Canada by the Canadian Pacific Railway, Frank is one of five towns in Southern Alberta that make up the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.

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Hillcrest, like many of the towns in the Crowsnest Pass region, developed during the coal industry boom in the early 1900s. The shelter of the valley, nearby streams, and proximity to coal deposits provided an ideal place for a new community to grow.

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Crowsnest Pass has a vibrant history dating back thousands of years. The early 1900s saw the founding of the five small communities of Coleman, Bellevue, Hillcrest, Frank and Blairmore, to support the region’s bustling coal industry.

After the initial boom of the industry at the beginning, residents felt drawn to the area and remained as ranchers and settlers to build these communities into what they are today.

Archeological history reveals that humans have been in The Pass for at least 11,000 years, hosting early nomadic tribes as early as 8,000 BCE. The region was home to the K’tunaxa (Kutenai) and Piikani (Peigan) tribes, who are still represented in the area.


Crowsnest Pass is a majestic setting featuring high altitude plateaus, Chinook-warmed valleys, and breathtaking mountain views. The community has grown around its own history of economic booms, resilient communities, and a local passion for the area.

The geography is also a prominent feature in the history of Crowsnest Pass. Today, this history is celebrated at world-class historical sites, including the Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site, and visitor-friendly experiences at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre.


The Pass offers a multitude of activities for every adventurer. In the same day, experience world-renowned fly-fishing and 18 holes at one of Alberta’s premiere local golf courses. Run one of the country’s most demanding ultra-marathons or walk through The Pass’s many nuanced main streets. Make it your mission to see the peaks of The Pass by foot or by bike, and return in the winter months to hit the slopes on skis.

Visitors and locals are attracted to The Pass for its supportive sense of community, warm hospitality, and true appreciation for the great outdoors. Be amazed by the variety that Crowsnest Pass offers year-round.

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