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Uplift Adventures Inc.

Guided Operator

Uplift Adventures is a small business homegrown in the South Canadian Rockies. They help people explore and connect to the mountains through various nature and history-based tours, hiking, snowshoeing, multi-day backpacking, outdoor rock climbing, and more. They inspire outdoor enthusiasts to take their skills to the next level by providing high-quality outdoor courses such as wilderness first aid, navigation, outdoor climbing, and backcountry safety. Uplift is driven by values and continues to inspire sustainable outdoor recreation throughout the Canadian Rockies, more specifically Waterton Lakes National Park, Castle Parks, and Crowsnest Pass. While they offer several services that are bookable online, Uplift Adventures also works closely with schools to provide curriculum-based programs and mentorship experiences. The dream at Uplift Adventures is to create outdoor experiences and knowledge for people to feel confident and connected to the outdoors. They value building an outdoor community to include all types of people; and their ultimate dream is to create Conservation Tourism to rebuild some of the damaged landscapes from historical mining, exploration, and neglected trail use in the Canadian Rockies. They are also very passionate about their local heritage and want to ensure this is passed on and celebrated by many people around the world.

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta


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