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The Karst Backpacking Trip

Start July 19, 2024

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

A karst is a landscape predominantly derived from limestone and has been eroded over thousands of years to produce fissures, sinkholes, caves, and more. The karst backpacking trip with Uplift Adventures takes you on a journey of exploration of moon-like landscapes. On the 3-day backpack, you will set up a base camp part way into the valley. On the first day, after camp is set up, you will then venture up one valley to explore two tarns. On the second day, you have more time to explore the karsts in the other valley. You will want to keep your eyes peeled for visitors though and it is common to see mountain goats and sheep carefully watching you from the mountain alpine slopes. The last day will be fairly simple to allow you time to relax before you have to enter reality again. This backpacking trip can be done two different ways. You can do this as a 2-day backpack and not explore the second valley. Or continue your booking and join them on this 3-day adventure. This backpacking trip is geared towards a beginner to intermediate backpacker.

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