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Meet Dallin

December 26, 2019

Alberta born Dallin is an avid photographer, videographer, content marketer, and a frequent visitor of the Pass.
"I love the mountains and any activity that brings me to them. I love snowboarding and can often be found at Castle Mountain. I am also an avid hiker, and enjoy getting to summits for sunrise in order to capture amazing views with little trail traffic."

After studying business management at Lethbridge College, Dallin decided to form his own Content Marketing business, Nowlon Media, as he quickly realized his passion for content creation. His favourite part of the job? Inspiring people though breathtaking mountain captures.

Dallin's deep connection to the wilderness of Crowsnest Pass is clear in his work. From stunning sunrises to dreamy vistas, Dallin captures the true, wild essence of the Pass in each of his pieces. Read on to learn more about Dallin, his top tips for aspiring photographers, and what keeps him coming back to the Pass.

Q: Are they any places in Crowsnest Pass that you always return to?

Turtle Mountain is a place I frequent. I love how quick but intense the climb is to get to the first look-out.

Q: Are there any new places, or new activities, you want to conquer in Crowsnest?

I have yet to make it to the second peak on the Turtle Mountain hike. Every time I go something happens that makes it so we aren't able to continue or we run out of time. I recently tried again but found that the snow was too treacherous for me and my team to pass with our current equipment. I can't wait to make it to the radio equipment and finally conquer the mountain.

Q:When you are not behind the lens, what do you like to do in Crowsnest Pass?

When I'm not creating content you can find me snowboarding, hiking, camping, star gazing, and enjoying good food.

Q: Your photography shows off some of the best natural features of Crowsnest like open skies and breathtaking vistas, along with incredible adventure shots. Do you have any tips for photographers hoping to capture the magic of the mountain scenery?

The best shots come when you're having the most fun. Instead of planning to go somewhere and shoot, just plan for the adventure and take your camera along. By capturing experiences instead of staging them, you'll get shots that tie the viewer towards them. I prioritize getting to the mountains every weekend and rarely miss an adventure. By making this a common occurrence I naturally get more shots of the mountains, continuously grow in creating that type of content, and are in more types of lightning and weather conditions then if it was something I just did when I found the time. In addition, try to go out whenever you can. Don't limit yourself to perfect conditions or in the middle of the day. By shooting in the morning, night, middle of the day, in snow, fog, etc. I find myself growing in various areas and learning to overcome trials. You will also capture some crazy shots due to the atmospheric conditions.

In conclusion, just focus on having fun. If you can try to do it every weekend - and never forget to bring your camera!

*Extra pro tip- carry your camera by a strap so that it's always accessible on hikes to get the best shots!*

Describe the Pass in three words.
Quiet. Calm. Adventure.

Favourite Crowsnest Pass memory?
Staying the night in a Mongolian Yurt at Heaven & Yurt while relaxing and creating content! This was one of my first commercial projects in Crowsnest Pass and to date is one of my favourite projects ever! We even got the chance to see a barely born fawn.

One item you couldn’t live without?
At this point I honestly don't think I could live without a camera of some sorts.

Who are your biggest influencers?
So many people I can't list them all.. But a few that have been huge inspirations are:

Follow more of Dallin’s work on Instagram @dallinn. For business inquiries, please visit

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