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Paranormal Activity in the Pass

October 31, 2019

There are several different reasons that travellers from all over flock to the Pass. Some seek adventure among its breathtaking mountain ranges, others come to experience the area’s rich history, while photography enthusiasts flock to capture the Pass’ natural beauty. However, there is another more unique draw to the Pass: paranormal activity.
Paranormal activity is defined as something beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation. Over the years, there have been countless reports of such occurrences in the Pass.

Several significant tragic events have occurred here in the Pass, a number of which resulted in countless lives lost and missing bodies. Now, many claim that the lingering spirits of the dead can still be felt here, which has drawn many believers of the paranormal to come explore around. Here are several places where you can experience a few of the chilling tales for yourself.

The Ghosts of Frank Slide

Certain areas in The Pass exude an unsettled energy. A visit to the town of Frank, where you can witness the aftermath of Canada’s deadliest rockslide, can be quite shocking. The realization that in just a few minutes, 82 million tonnes of limestone wiped out a town and stole the lives of over ninety people is chilling. But beyond that, visitors have described seeing an unnatural and eerie mist roll in during their time here, while others are certain they saw and felt a ghostly presence.

These reports have caught the attention of paranormal seekers worldwide, and the area of Crowsnest Pass has become a point of curiosity to several paranormal investigators.

Bellevue Mine – A Site For Seekers

The Bellevue Mine has received considerable amounts of attention as a spooky location, and was even featured on a ghost hunting television show, ‘The Other Side.’ Jeff Richards, a member of the investigating team in this episode, described the Bellevue mine as one of the show’s most terrifying locations due to its complete darkness. Richards also described experiencing a compulsion to put crosses on everything upon entering the mine, which he is certain was a ‘message from beyond’. Throughout the episode, the team claim to be speaking to the spirits of men in the mine, something which we have yet to experience, but are looking forward to trying.

Hillcrest Cemetery

Another popular destination among paranormal seekers (for obvious reasons) is the Hillcrest Cemetery. This is the burial ground for many of the 189 men that were killed in the Hillcrest Mining Disaster. Burial spots are a traditional place to attempt to communicate with spirits, and due to the nature of the mining incident, many believe that the spirits have ‘unfinished business’ and are eager to speak.

Ghostly Sights

Whether you are a believer in the phenomenon of spirits and ghosts among us, or are skeptical of their existence, we invite curious explorers to come to the Pass and see first-hand whether they really exist. Take a stroll through the Hillcrest Cemetery, explore the Frank slide and tour the Bellevue Mine for yourself. With Halloween in mind, there is no better time!

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