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Infamous for its deep and tumultuous history as a frontier settlement with its turn-of-the-century coal mining operations in 1901, Frank has grown to become a tourist destination for history lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and culture seekers.

With more than 200 residents, this unassuming stop along the highway may seem somber at first blush.

The Frank Slide tragedy remains the deadliest rock slide in Canada. Early in the morning on April 19, 1903, 82 million tonnes (30 million cubic metres) of limestone crashed from the summit of Turtle Mountain and buried a portion of the community of Frank in the valley below, killing more than 70 people. The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre makes it possible to learn about what caused the slide, what technological improvements have been made since then, and how resilient the community can be.

Many locals and visitors climb Turtle Mountain today, conquering history and listing to the song by The Rural Alberta Advantage called Frank, AB.

The town, however, has much more to offer than a history lesson. With a thriving arts community and local gallery, Alberta’s creative talent gathers to muse and express their skills. Visitors can even have an art piece commissioned by local artists.

Wing night at the local pub in Frank, the Pure Country Bar & Grill, is an institution and is definitely not to be missed.

Listen to Frank, AB by the Rural Alberta Advantage.

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