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Crowsnest Stories

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Explore Crowsnest: The Ultimate Mountain Stopover

Whether you’re looking for the perfect weekend getaway or you just happen to be driving through, you’ll want to reserve some time for exploring Crowsnest Pass this fall. Made up of five towns, each with their own unique history and character, The Pass offers an experience unlike any other.

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The Pass: A Photographer's Paradise

Every morning that the sun rises upon Crowsnest Pass, brings with it an opportunity to experience the abundance of natural beauty this area has to offer. From forests and mountains, to ravines brimming with wildlife, and historic sites with old town charm - the photographic possibilities are endless.

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Exploring Wildlife in The Pass

Beyond breathtaking scenery, fine dining, limitless adventure and history, you will find mother nature’s most unique flora and fauna in The Pass, and there are so many different ways to explore it.

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Meet Matthew

Other than a few small family excursions, Matthew G. Bailey (Matt) never considered himself an avid traveller or explorer… that is until he took a leap of faith and hopped on a plane to Australia – a move which lit a fire in him and opened his eyes to the possibilities of new experiences, new friends, and new adventures in unique places like Crowsnest Pass. Having explored countless destinations around the world, Matt wanted to experience something different – an ‘off the beaten path’ alternative surrounded by the stunning mountains that energize him, which is exactly what he found when he came to The Pass.